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Officially recognized by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MURST).

Ministerial Commission, November 4th 1994, departmental order n° 85, dated 3/20/1998 (with retroactive effect from recognition in 1994), Official Gazette n° 92 dated 4/21/98.



Institute of Family Therapy of Florence

The Institute of Family Therapy of Florence, was founded on December 14th 1981 by Cristina Dobrowolski and Rodolfo de Bernart. It started its clinical activity in January 1982 and its teaching activity in October 1982. The staff has been trained by Maurizio Andolfi and Carmine Saccu and completed its training with Salvador Minuchin and Carl Whitaker. The Institute asked for recognition of its training activity according to the law 56/89, which regulates the training in psychotherapy; it has been recognized as suitable by the Ministerial Commission on November 4th 1994, n. 85 and it received the departmental order dated 3/20/1998 (with retroactive effect from recognition in 1994) published in the Official Gazette n. 92 dated 4/21/98.

Director: Rodolfo de Bernart
Director of Training: Cristina Dobrowolski

Institute of Family Therapy of Florence
Via Masaccio 175, 50132, FIRENZE, Italy

The secretary's office is open Mon. - Fri. 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p. m.
Maria Alberta Bianchi marialbertab@itff.org
Phone/fax: 0039 055 577280
Director's e-mail
Rodolfo de Bernart itff@itff.org


A Week in Florence: Summer Class with
Rodolfo de Bernart M.D.Psych.
Images and Implicit Relational Knowing in Psychotherapy

The Course will be offered in English and
will take place with a minimum of 10 registered
It can be offered in other languages in different
dates in July (French, Spanish and Italian)
if there are at least 10 attendees.
The groups will work on theory in the morning
and will pratically experience the tecniques in
the afternoon. In order to allow this we accept
a closed number of 20 partecipants maximum.

Dates, registration fees and information on hotels and trip on request. 
Contact: marialbertab@itff.it


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