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Undoubtedly, the main points of reference are the following ones:

  • The systemic theory and the research in communication within the systems
  • The study of the functioning dynamics of a normal family
  • The study of the image of the family
  • The study of the functioning dynamics of non-natural therapeutic groups
  • The Social Psychiatrist, mainly intended as the application of the systemic perspective in public services and other non-sanitary services (such as schools, work places etc.)
  • The theory of attachment according to the DMM (Dynamic Naturational Model) by Patricia Crittenden
  • The research on psychological and phisical traumas

There are at least three streams of reference within the Family Therapy: the Strategic Systemic one, the Psychoanalytic one and the Experiential Structural one.
Our approach is the Experiential Structural one (Minuchin and Whitaker), with a special care for the family history (Trigenerational approach of Boszormenyj-Nagy, Bowen and Andolfi), for the individual, for the therapeutic relationship and for the relationship between the family and the individual and between the latter and their inner world.

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