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Officially recognized by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MURST).

Ministerial Commission, November 4th 1994, departmental order n? 85, dated 3/20/1998 (with retroactive effect from recognition in 1994), Official Gazette n? 92 dated 4/21/98.

Courses and Training

 Special courses

  Corso per Psicologo Scolastico ad Orientamento Sitemico-Relazionale

  Systemic-relational perspective
CIOR, Introductory Course in Relational Perspective

Theory of Attachment 

Courses about the applications of the Theory of Attachment                  (Patricia Crittenden)

(only on demand)

  Regions, Local Health Divisions, private personsò
Courses based on a territorial distribution, for regions, Local Health Divisions, private persons 

(only on demand)

  Medicine and Psychology students
Guidance meetings about the Systemic-Relational Perspective for Psychology and Medicine students

(only on demand)

  General practitioners and hospital doctors
Special course for general practitioners and hospital doctors

(only on demand)

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The secretary's office is open Mon. - Fri. 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p. m.
Phone/fax: 0039 055 577280


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